Conflict of Interest - FirstService Residential Ontario with VMedia

Link to communication:

I recently received a mass communication from the company that manages our condo.  It informed us that they have created a great partnership with VMedia.  Unfortunately, this is creates a huge conflict of interest.

In the announcement, it says the following:

"Another benefit of this program is that your association will be receiving ongoing revenue that can be used to fund or help fund projects that improve the quality of life for residents."

They are selling this as a benefit to the condo corp, but in reality, you can assume that there is also a kickback going to FSR Ontario.

VMedia is offering nothing new to FSR Residents.  All residents were already able to get VMedia services since they piggyback on Bell/Rogers infrastructure.

This new program is purely a way to generate revenue for FSR Head Office

Alternatives to VMedia:

Unless FSR head office can prove that they are not getting a kickback from VMedia, this program is unacceptable