The new QingPing Air Detector Lite is HomeKit compatible, so you can connect it directly to Home Assistant using the HomeKit Controller

  1. Put the Air Detector Lite Reset Network Settings Mode - Hold the touch bar at the top of the device for 8s until 3 dashes appear (- - -)
  2. Open Home app on an iOS device
  3. Add accessory by scanning the QR Code on the bottom of the device
  4. Wait for it to connect - might have to do it a second time
  5. Once it shows up, remove it from the home app (it will show up as a CO2 device)
  6. Open Home Assistant GUI
  7. Configuration -> Integrations -> + Add Integration
  8. Choose HomeKit Controller
  9. If detected, it will show up in the drop down menu
  10. Enter the 8-digit number on the bottom of the device
  11. Done!