Barebones instructions that makes leap of faith understanding:


  • You already have a backup in Duplicacy Initialized and have backed up in the past
  • You've set the PATH for your Duplicacy executable so it can be accessed easily from any folder

High Level:

  1. Add another storage location for your backups
  2. Add a dummy version of the backup with a different ID - used to backup your current data, and then fill it back up with the missing pieces from your original
  3. Backup your current AKA local data to the "dummy" one first
  4. Now copy the old back up to the new one.  Since you did (3), only incremental data from your original backup will be copied to the new location.  This saves you from having to copy everything from your original backup and re-uploading it to the new backup.  i.e. it saves you the download assuming you have some of the data locally


Variables - rename them to whatever you want:

  • Real Storage Name: RNS
  • Real Storage ID: rns1
  • Dummy Storage Name: DUMMY
  • Dummy Storage ID: dummy1
  • New backup provider: wasabi://bucket
  1. Go to the root of the folder of data you want to backup.  It should be the folder with the .dulicacy directory
  2. run: duplicacy add -e -copy default -bit-identical RNS rns1 wasabi://bucket
  3. run: duplicacy add -e -copy default -bit-identical DUMMY dummy1 wasabi://bucket wasabi://bucket
  4. Assuming you are already backing up to your original default backup location, you want to backup your local data to the dummy location first
  5. run duplicacy backup -storage DUMMY
  6. Once that's completed, you will now copy all the missing backup pieces from your original location to the new dummy location
  7. run duplicacy copy -from default -to RNS
  8. Once that's complete, you can schedule backups to default and RNS