Basic Info:

  • Official Info: HERO Shuttles International Company Inc.
  • Available for Sale from:
  • Tube says Goose Feather but emails with the company tell me they're duck
  • Price:
  • $15.99 CAD from Le Coin Badminton
  • $8.5 USD + shipping
  • All shuttles were purchased by me with no affiliation with any third parties

Shuttlecock Pictures


  • Durability: /10
  • Flight: /10
  • Price: /10
  • Value /10
Rating Scale
DurabilityFake Bird, Doesn't Last One SmashLast between 1/2 and 1 GameAeroplane Black - Up to 2 Games
FlightPlasticChanges SpeedAeroplane Black
Price$4/shuttle~<$1 Per Shuttle
Value(Average # of Games x Price)

*All shuttles are steamed with a cool humidifier 1-2 days before use

Other Information

The company manufactures other versions of their shuttle of different qualities:

  • HERO NO.9 = USD 8.5
  • HERO NO.7 = USD 10.50
  • HERO NO.5 = USD 13.50 (made on demand for regions)
  • HERO NO.3 = USD 15.50
  • HERO NO.2 = USD 17.00 (made on demand for different regions)

Minimum Order Quantity is 100 tubes. Shipping is $1 USD/tube via Cargo (not air)

From my conversation with a rep:

Naturally straight, and with our corks, we make ourselves, and typically a 3 piece cork on most of our shuttles.
If it were straightened, we normally would state that with our spec orders.