Useful notes for moving from Smartthings to deconz:

  • Delete the zigbee device from Smartthings first for easier pairing

    1. Login to Smartthings
    2. My Devices --> Click on a Device --> Scroll to the bottom --> Delete
  • Xiaomi Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensor

  • Xiaomi Button

    • Hold the button and the reset button for 10s to put into pairing mode (
    • Go to the old conbee Webapp (http://deviceip/login.html) --> Menu --> Settings --> Open Network
    • The default login/password is delight/delight. Or if you set the password for the Phoscon app, then delight/passwordYouSet
    • The Button should eventually show up in the deconz app, and you'll be able to see "Switch XX" where XX is two digits. If it remains blank and only shows the MAC Address, then set the button into pairing mode again
    • Single click event is 1002
    • Double click event is 1004
  • GE Link Lights

    • Turn them on, wait 5s, turn them off, wait 5s, repeat until they gradually change brightness
    • Go to Phoscon page and add light