How to NOT design a system for managing price recommendations

I've been recently pulled into a project that provides agents with price recommendations for people that contact them. The third party building this, let's call them LidAries, has already implemented the "system" once for a counterpart.

The system is built on two parts

  1. A front end GUI that can present the actual price via an API call to the billing system
  2. A front end GUI that also pulls data from a static Excel spreadsheet
Wireframe of the GUI

Every time our company needs to update the pricing in the left portion of the wireframe,

  1. we must submit a request with an updated spreadsheet
  2. size the request
  3. schedule resources
  4. coordinate ensure it fits within other project timelines

The whole point of the system is to simplify management, and this does not do not.

How would I design this?

  1. Replace the left static data with either a daily API call to grab all the current prices, or
  2. Live API calls to grab the offers
  3. Add a front end GUI for management to check boxes to allow them to modify the pricing to be offered

Pretty much, anything other than managing a manual spreadsheet guaranteed to have typos.  Just ask the EU about Greece ;)  Just like Greece, this is a GREAT way to get money from people.