Lucksix Blue (蓝诺) Shuttlecock - Speed 77

Basic Info:

Shuttlecock Pictures

Purchased from Taobao:

Tube Feather Standing Cork 1Feather 2Feather

Purchased from Le Coin Badminton:

Tube Feather Standing Cut Open

  • The one purchased at Le Coin is cleaner. There is no glue residue near the cork between the feathers
  • The one from China has glue between the feathers

  • Durability: /10

  • Flight: /10
  • Price: /10
  • Value /10
Rating Scale
DurabilityFake Bird, Doesn't Last One SmashLast between 1/2 and 1 GameAeroplane Black - Up to 2 Games
FlightPlasticChanges SpeedAeroplane Black
Price$3/shuttle~<$1 Per Shuttle
Value(Average # of Games x Price)

*All shuttles are steamed with a cool humidifier 1-2 days before use