The shuttlecock humidifier is an inexpensive way to keep shuttlecocks at optimal humidity. ($5!)


How To Use:

  1. Place the device on a table - preferably one that won't get stained by water. A little bit of water does leak out of the device.
  2. Pour water into the device from the top, until you see it fill up.
  3. Wait for the beads to absorb the water (2-4 hours):
  4. Install the Velcro onto the shuttlecock cover and humidifier
  5. Remove one shuttlecock from the tube to make space for the humidifier
  6. Place the covers back on the tube with the humidifier on the shuttlecock exit side, and the indented cap on the entrance side. (This is now backwards to how your regular tube would have them installed)
  7. Place shuttlecock tube with the humidifier on top to prevent the possibility of water piling up However, humid air rises, so you could try having the humidifer on the bottom