Running the Seafile install script will pretty much wipe your server. If you have anything useful on it, back it up somewhere else!

Before you run the script, change the hostname to whatever you plan to use first.

  1. As per, you can install the whole thing using a script

  2. Actual updated script is on GitHub:

  3. Follow the instructions there for downloading Seafile Pro

  4. Run the script

  5. The script doesn't currently work with version 5.0.3 due to changes to config file location

  6. Run the following to fix:

     cd /opt/seafile/conf
     ln -s ../ccnet/ccnet.conf
     ln -s ../
     ln -s ../seafile-data/seafile.conf
     ln -s ../pro-data/seafevents.conf
     chown -R seafile: /opt/seafile
  7. restart seafile services:

     service seahub stop
     service seafile restart
     service seahub start
  8. The default admin password may not work, you can run the following to fix it:

     cd /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest